Cycling machine with a ball

The cardiovascular and cycling machine is an unmatched hybrid of the stationary bike, exercise ball and exercise band.
The 30-minute training on cycling machine is a unique combination of cardiovascular and cycling for weight loss training, exercises on the ball and workouts with exercise bands, which provides an opportunity to quickly and effectively develop the muscles of the whole body and get rid of excess fat at the same time: while pedaling and constantly balancing on the durable latex ball, the patients strengthen the muscles of legs, buttocks and the press, and the muscles of the arms, back, and thoracic girdle are strengthened by performing workouts with exercise bands.

The cardiovascular and cycling machine is ideal for both beginners and professional athletes as it is equipped with several levels of training complexity and permits to adjust the training intensity due to such functions as time, distance, pulse, speed, calorie consumption etc. All manufacturers claim that their equipment is an innovation that will increase the attendance of clubs and help to save patients. However, real fitness professionals know that there are three reasons why people don’t come for workouts or stop exercising:
Lack of time
Discomfort or injuries


It provides basic, cardio and strength training simultaneously to save patients time. Even if the patient has only 30 minutes to exercise he (she) will still be able to achieve results similar to active fitness workouts using a cardiovascular and cycling machine.
Patients are on the air ball during exercises running no risk of shocks and injuries.
It fights quite well against boredom caused by endless treadmills, ellipsoids and bikes with their monotonous movements. The cardiovascular and cycling machine workout combines many different exercises for all muscle groups. More than 30 elements in 30 minutes!


It has no analogues on the market at all;
The fitball (stability ball) strengthens the main muscles of the abdomen, back, thighs and leads to improved balance, breathing, posture and involves a greater number of muscles at the same time to increase further the heart rate.
Six hundred and forty body muscles are involved in a natural rhythmic movement aimed at the overall body strengthening and improving its condition during a workout.
Movable handrails help to strengthen the upper body: arms, chest, shoulders and back strengthening the basic training and increasing the heart rate. All the muscles of the lower body are intensively involved at the same time.


Basic, cardio and strength training are held simultaneously, which saves the time of patients, coaches and the club.
Energy saving: 4 AA batteries operation!
The cardiovascular and cycling machine is easy and compact to fold so it takes up very little space during storage and saves room.
Group workouts using the cardiovascular and cycling machine turn out to be not only very effective but also really merry. The special program of exercises for group trainings is developed.
The fitball is designed to increase the effectiveness of workouts and make them comfortable. The patient is like “riding on air” compared to the uncomfortable, hard seat of the bike, the shocks of the treadmill or the boredom from working out on many traditional exercise machines.
The fitball has been tested for compliance with the highest international standards, which shows its safety.
The cardiovascular and cycling machine is equipped with ultra-quiet and soft pedals with a magnetic resistance system so there is no harmful effect on the joints.
The cardiovascular and cycling machine has a wide range of applications: it is suitable for physiotherapists or personal trainers, for rehabilitation therapy of patients, for professional athletes, for use at fitness clubs and sports and wellness centers, sanatoriums, boarding houses as well as at private gyms.


strengthens the muscles of the whole body;
contributes to rapid weight loss;
eliminates cellulitis;
increases muscle strength;
increases endurance;
increases joint mobility;
develops coordination;
strengthens the cardiovascular system;
stimulates blood circulation.