Balance platform

Balance platforms® are a very simple and effective way to train dynamic stability. Using the balance platform, you can significantly improve coordination and effectively work out deep and hard-to-reach muscle groups. Balance platform training is aimed at improving postural stability, losing weight, proprioception and control of the center of gravity.The balance exercise machine can be used as a training tool to improve kinesthetic abilities, restore damaged proprioceptive mechanisms after injuries and prevents the risk of falling, motor impairments and neurological pathologies. The stable surface is made of eco-friendly material (wood) that ensures reliability during workouts.




  • develops flexibility;
  • strengthens the pectoral girdle;
  • reduces the load on the spine;
  • restores motor activity;
  • develops coordination after injury;
  • helps to lose weight;
  • eliminates cellulite;
  • shapes the waist and flat stomach.


  • practically no contraindications;
  • for everyone regardless of gender, age and physical fitness;
  • eco friendly;
  • good in case of low mobility and excess weight;
  • can be used as a rehabilitation equipment;
  • there is almost no contraindications;
  • safety;
  • reinforced support of the mounting mechanism;
  • increased diameter of the handrails;
  • balancing equipment`s legs adept even to uneven surfaces;
  • there is no need for electrical connection.


  • diameter: 124 cm;
  • height without safety pins: 11 cm;
  • height with safety pins: 14 cm;
  • handrail dimensions: 41/65/115 cm;
  • platform size (in pack): 128/13/128 cm;
  • diameter when moving: 161 cm;
  • min/safe distance to the wall: 50 cm;
  • platform weight: 65,2 cm;
  • handrail weight: 12 kg;
  • manufactured: in Russia.