our exercise machines can be used as physiotherapeutic method of rehabilitation


are good for healthy people and people with problems, even with acute pain syndrome. Ideal for people who are overweight. High work safety is well combined with the physiology of use, convenience and simplicity.


improves balance and motion coordination skills.Elder patients feel more confident in problematic situations.


During the course of training, the condition of the skin in problem areas is significantly improved (the elasticity increases, the tone is normalized). There is a positive effect in the lymphatic drainage system.There is a the possibility of working through different body areas, focusing on the most problematic.


Physiotherapeutic use of toning tables in the rehabilitating process of neurological diseases contributes to the restoration of motor functions in the patient. Physiotherapy treatment is focused on preparing for movements in paralyzed muscles by suppressing spastic phenomena to develop a physiological motor stereotype. At the same time, a differentiated approach to each specific patient is provided, whether it is stretching exercises and normalization of muscle tone in spastic post-stroke monoparesis (paralysis in one limb) or hemiparesis (paralysis in the arm and leg on one side), amyotrophy prevention in mono- and hemiplegias (paralysis with a significant decrease in muscle tone), or overcoming muscle hypertension and forming a normal motor stereotype in spastic paraparesis (paraplegia which is characteristic of disseminated sclerosis).


Toning tables are also extremely effective in the fight against overweight, and obesity is known to be one of the main risk factors for coronary artery disease. In addition, as scientists have found, physical activity has also a positive effect on the emotional state of the patient, which is important in the fight against stress and depression. Many latent psychogenic muscle blocks are removed, which are often caused by psycho-emotional stress instead of somatic diseases.


Exercises on the toning tables stimulate the growth of bone tissue and significantly improve metabolism both in the joints and muscles adjacent to the joints, which increases the range of their mobility and reduces the risk of injuries. When being elderly aged physical activity contributes to the greater production of synovial fluid, which resultsin relief of symptoms of such diseases as arthritis and arthrosis, increased range of motionsin thejoints. Studies have shown that the increase in mobility in patients who work out on toning tables regularly is 22 %, and coordination parameters are improved by 30 %. Toning tables have a double effect in traumatic back and neck injuries. A positive effect on the musculoskeletal system is to increase the spine motions, prevent the formation of spastic contractures and amyotrophy, analgesia (anesthesia). Nerve structures (brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves) “recall’ the lost motion mechanism in the spine and limbs.


Physical training is the basis for rehabilitation in patients with COPD. It should be noted that severe shortness of breath and low exercise load tolerance remain the main problem that reduces the quality of life insuch patients. Persons suffering from bronchial asthma cannot often perform the necessary rehabilitation exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back and thoracic girdle due to respiratorydisorders. To eliminate these shortcomings, a complex of aerobic loads on the toning tables is used, which is aimed at improving the efficiency of the musculoskeletal and respiratory system.


According to its basic principles, rehabilitation after angioplasty and stenting of coronary vessels is similar to that after other surgical and conservative methods for treatment of coronary artery disease. Therapeutic physical training is still the main element in cardiac rehabilitation after angioplasty and stenting of coronary vessels.
Toning tables are a modern type of physical activity, completely eliminating the harmful effects on the spine and cardiovascular system, as well as dangerous excessive loads after surgical treatment.Exercising on the toning tables improves blood supply to all organs and tissues in the body, oxygen delivery to all cells of the body is brought back to normal. In parallel with training the body and extremities, the myocardium – heart muscle is getting trained, which smoothly and at the same time effectively increases the tolerance to physical loads that is a key element in therapy and rehabilitation of patients with heartfailure.


Using toning tables for recovering patients with diabetes mellitus helps to reduce hyperglycemia and glucosuria. Utilization of glucose by the functioning muscles increases during exercises due to intensified reduction and oxidation processes, and glycogen synthesis in the muscles and liver becomes more intensive under the influence of workouts. Hypoglycemia that occurs during exercises on the toning tables leads to increased somatotropic hormone secretion, which stabilizes carbohydrate metabolism and stimulates fat degradation. Physical training makes it possible for a patient to overcome muscle weakness, increases the body resistance to adverse factors. Blood circulation of the limbs is also getting better, which helps to prevent dangerous vascular complications of this disease.

different table - different group of musculs

6 functional tables

2 massage tables



Balance platform helps to make coordination and sense of balance better as well as effectively work out deep and hard-to-reach muscle groups. Using balance platform you can work in different directions. In moment of controlling the rotational movements of the platform and taking different positions, you can work out stabilizing muscles, that you almost don`t use during the usual training.It`s important to notice that during the training on balance-platform there is completely no harmful load on the joint. The balance platform demonstrates excellent results in solving orthopedic challenges: the duration of postoperative and recovery periods is shortened, the load on the joints is reduced, flexibility and coordination are trained. It is successfully used in the postoperative period in treatment of the pathology of meniscus, anterior cruciate ligament, in rehabilitation after knee or hip joint replacement. Attention has been paid to the special efficiency of the platform after injuries and diseases of the spine, injuries of the knee and ankle joints, motor and neurological disorders.Treatment of patients with Parkinson’s disease and disseminated sclerosis.


The size of the balance platform makes it possible to perform many different movements using it. For example, you can train the abdominal muscles in a sitting position. Rotational movements of the balance platform are particularly well suited for training the body muscles, especially for the abdominal muscles, and at the same time this improves the innervation, i.e. the supply of organs and tissues with nerves, which ensures their connection with the central nervoussystem. Exercises aimed at strengthening the back muscles, performed on the balance platform standing on all fours, contribute to a noticeable improvement in coordination, they are more effective than exercises on the gym mat. Rotating on the balance platform when performing such exercises has a deep effect on muscles such as the back muscles, abdominal muscles,rhomboid and paravertebralmuscles. Patients suffering from back pain as well as having diseases of the lower extremities can start working out sitting on a stool.Rotational movements improve coordination and generally strengthen the body muscles, which is a prerequisite for safety and confidence in daily activities.

This rolling exercise machine is a beech roller construction, it allows to work out large areas of the body. This equipment can be used for working out legs, hands stomach, back, sides, thighs and buttocks muscles. Such training during 15-30 minutes makes circulation and metabolism better, smooth out skin relief and helps to get rid of cellulite. The rolling exercise machine is indispensable for preparing muscles before sport, for relieving the tension after active training and hard day, if you have injury or muscle strain.