TONUS-CLUB®️ is a network of innovative ladies only health clubs. Our clubs are specially created so that a girl, a woman or an elderly lady can take care of her figure and health in a comfortable environment near home, without men. We do not have a schedule like in ordinary fitness clubs, but there are unique workouts that are individually compiled for each woman. No need to pay extra for an individual coach, everything is already included in the card!

Our club is ideal for beginners in their fitness path, as all workouts are gentle, without stress on the heart, joints and spine! At the same time, for those who want more fitness loads, we also have a solution! TONUS-CLUB®️ - the best fitness club for ladies of any age and any physical activity! With us, you can easily achieve the desired result: weight loss, elimination of cellulite, relaxation, preservation of youth and recovery after childbirth. SMART training is 7 times more effective than regular training! Rather, sign up for the first trial session!

Smart Training System —

Our SMART training system combines the proven effectiveness of the toning table exercise with compression therapy, vacushaping, far infrared body wrapping. We are able to match different types of equipment with “SMART” training program that is truly comfortable and enjoyable for all women.

“SMART” also means individual approach to every club member. There is no need to hire dozens of individual trainers, as our “SMART” training system will assist in developing proper exercising and nutrition plan based on individual parameters and individual objectives.

Our clubs provide relaxed, friendly and non-intimidating environment, with guaranteed privacy and safety, where women of all ages, shapes and fitness levels can achieve their fitness, weight-loss and well-being goals.

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