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toning tables

Toning tables

The set of toning tables is suitable for using at sports and recreation facilities and is designed for sports, health improving and rehabilitation procedures, as well as passive-active gymnastics in the sitting and lying positions. Exercising on the toning tables contributes to the restoration of motor functions, strengthens muscles, permits to normalize weight and build a slim figure without exhausting workouts.

exclusive treadmill machine

Exclusive Treadmill Machine

Exclusive Treadmill Machine is good for people, who want to make faster the body fat burning in their "problem areas".

beautyroll' exercise machine

'BeautyRoll' Exercise Machine®

The BeautyRoll Prof professional rolling exercise machine is suitable for using at sports and health facilities, and is designed for health and preventive lymphatic drainage massage of legs, arms, buttocks, neck, abdomen and waist as well as other parts of the body.

balance platform

Balance platform

Balance platforms are a simple, effective way to train dynamic stability. Using the balance platform, you can significantly improve coordination as well as effectively work out deep and hard-to-reach muscle groups.

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