Exclusive Treadmill Machine

Exclusive Treadmill Machine is good for that people, who want to make faster the body fat burning in their “ problem areas”. Vacuum exercise machine is the elliptical cardiovascular equipment or the treadmill, that are embedded in the capsule with the low pressure. This equipment, combining the motion and vacuum, helps to reduce the abdomen, buttocks, legs value and make better the condition of the skin with cellulite.

Because of the law pressure the body fat burning speeds up at 400% while training. You don`t need to train hardly, opposite load should be moderate. Your pulse shouldn`t be more than 121-130 beats per minute, duration of the training should be 25-30 minutes. Exclusive Treadmill Machine excludes the overload of the organism.





Long-lived in use:

  • extra air ducts can stop engine overheating;
  • reinforced bottom thanks to metal fittings;
  • the whole electrical system is in the inner cavity of the capsule. This excludes the contact with the external
  • capsule life is 50 years;
  • handles for carrying;

Modern design:

  • ergonomic design in high-tech style with a prevalence of bionic forms;
  • glossy and matte finish inside the capsule
  • wild choice of colors at RAL catalog

Safety and comfort:

  • excludes the overload of the organism;
  • includes pressure sensors inside the vacuum – 3 automatic programs and manual setting;
  • pulse control;

Quality check according to European standards:

  • Directive 2014/30/EU EMC – verification on the electromagnetic compatibility;
  • Directive 2014/35/EU LVD – protection from electricity, exposure to high temperatures, mechanical radiation;
  • Directive 2006/42/EC MD – mechanism safety check.

This equipment excludes the overload of the organism and provides comfort during the training

  • part-time system includes pressure sensors inside the vacuum – 3 automatic programs and manual program, pulse control. 11 automatic programs of the treadmill and manual setting;
  • wild cloth of the treadmill – 50 cm, it`s perfect for the most users;
  • optimum height of this equipment covers a large range of the human`s height;
  • wild filler neck gives maximum inner space, there is no any constrained movements during the training;
  • the security key : option for the quick stop of the equipment.
  • mains voltage: 220 V, 50 Hz;
  • engine and components are from Italy;
  • power consumption: from 1,6 kW;
  • maximum pressure: 36 mbar;
  • wireless cardio receiver;
  • bearing connections;
  • capsule material is fiberglass;
  • exerciser's maximum permissible weight: 120 kg;
  • length/width/height 230/80/150 cm;
  • weight : 160 kg;
  • set of sealing skirts: 3 pcs (dimensions: S, M, L);
  • treadmill: 11 automatic programs and manual settings;
  • vacuum training: 3 automatic programs inside the capsule pressure, 1 custom program;
  • noise level : 60 dB;
  • door lock: not;
  • sealant: not;
  • reinforced bottom (rebar isn`t pressed, you can take it of);
  • filler neck (l/w): 64/55;
  • air ducts: yes;
  • handles for carrying :yes;
  • technical support: Saint-Petersburg service center, installation supervision, technical specialists training;
  • color scheme: you can choose colors of the equipment`s body by RAL palette;
  • ergonomic design in high-tech style with a prevalence of bionic forms;
  • 12 months guarantee;
  • certificates EU, EAU;
  • wild cloth of the treadmill – 50 cm;
  • speed: 18 km/h;
  • security key: yes;
  • manufactured in: Russia.