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Toning tables

The set of toning tables is suitable for using at sports and recreation facilities and is designed for sports, health improving and rehabilitation procedures, as well as passive-active gymnastics in the sitting and lying positions. Exercising on the toning tables contributes to the restoration of motor functions, strengthens muscles, permits to normalize weight and build a slim figure without exhausting workouts. The operating principle of toning tables is based on recurring movements of the movable part of the table, which drives the muscles of different parts of the body, causing certain joints to work. The fixed part of the table is used as a support. All exercises are carried out in a sitting or lying position, which makes it possible to avoid a negative impact on the spine.

You can choose the set of toning tables for sale on our web-site. Also we can produce it in different colors.

Some upholstery colors

Sotega Mango

Panama Plus

flame f5070637

bordeaux f5070677

sattel f5070647

petrol f5070823

Different toning tables are used for different muscles – for training abdominal muscles, thighs and buttocks, back, loins and oblique abdominal muscles, thoracic girdle, abductors and adductors of thighs, for stretching. Special toning tables with a massage function are also included. To achieve a good result, workouts shall be held consistently on each toning table included in the set. Using any toning table separately will not give a complex result because each toning table affects only a certain group of muscles.

Advantages of line Professional:

  • no restrictions on age and initial physical training;
  • easy and safe to use;
  • one-hour workouts on the toning tables can replace up to 7 hours of standard workouts;
  • big maximum permissible load;
  • toning tables can be used by everyone regardless of gender, age and physical fitness.

Advantages of line Exclusive:

  • all advantages of line Professional;
  • attractive and modern design;
  • less in length and lighter in weight;
  • easy technical maintenance;
  • convenient location of control panel.

Specification of line Professional:

  • Power supply: 220 V, 50 Hz
  • Consumed power: 0.6 kW
  • Weight (1 device): 145-150kg
  • Machine size (L/W/H): 185-220/80-95/65-132 cm
  • Maximum permissible load: 110 kg
  • Time: 9 minutes

Specification of line Exclusive:

  • Power supply: 220 V, 50 Hz
  • Consumed power: 0,6 kW
  • Weight (1 device): 120kg
  • Machine size (L/W/H): 188-215/83-87/58-111 cm
  • Maximum permissible load: 110 kg
  • Time: 9 minutes